A NEW mum has pleaded with North Ayrshire Council to give her a nappy bin to help her cope with the extra rubbish she is gathering.

But North Ayrshire Council refused Jennifer Watson’s pleas and instead asked her to fill in a three-week rubbish survey instead.

The Ardrossan mum explained: “I moved to our first house in March along with my fiancé and our newborn baby and after a couple of weeks we contacted the council to ask for a new bin and they told us we didn’t qualify as we only have three people in our household and we do not qualify for a nappy bin as we only have one child.”

Jennifer, of Whitecraigs Avenue, contacted Councillor Jean McClung who told the mum she would be given a waste survey to fill in over a three week period.

But she is worried that her overflowing grey bin where she has to put the dirty nappies is a health hazard and will attract vermin.

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “Our research shows that if people are recycling their waste and utilise their grey, blue, purple and brown bins correctly, this should provide sufficient capacity for a household of up to five people.

“However, we appreciate that there will be some instances where more space is required as such, residents can choose to purchase an additional blue, purple or brown recycling bin, we also offer an absorbent hygiene collection service for residents with a particularly high number of nappies or absorbent hygiene waste products, this service may be provided on a temporary basis to households where two or more babies are in nappies.

“We also offer a reusable nappy scheme which allows parents to cut down on single-use nappies and reduce their environmental impact.

“We asked the household to complete a three week waste audit and return this to our Waste Awareness Team who will use this information to support them in the management of their waste and recycling.”