An Ardrossan man who claims he was forced to move from his former residence due to a lack of support from the council in addressing his complex needs has hit out at representatives for turning a blind eye to his health struggles.

The individual says he is currently “living in squalor” after moving from his ground floor flat into his now wife’s up and downstairs house due to his worsening condition.

The man has severe disabilities and mental health issues which means he requires suitable housing to help him deal with day-to-day tasks such as washing and sleeping. As he cannot manage the stairs for bathing or toileting in his current property, the man has to use a bucket at the side of bed, which is situated in the living room, and body wipes to wash himself.

The man says that he has contacted the council on “numerous occasions” to seek help for his deteriorating mental and physical state but after receiving little assistance, now wishes for the council to acknowledge their wrongdoing and act urgently to rehouse him.

He told the Herald: “I have two slipped disks and a twisted pelvis which leaves me in chronic pain. It’s getting worse and worse so I need more help in doing stuff. I moved in with my then fiancé, now wife, and we put a form into the council seven months ago but we are no further forward.

“I said I need a ground floor property with an accessible shower and no stairs but the council say there are no properties like that are available. My wife helps me mostly and I use a walker in the house when I can as well as crutches but it’s putting a strain on my wife. The kids can’t come into the living room as that’s where I am so they’re mostly upstairs.

“I’ve got borderline personality disorder twinned with bipolar and I’ve said to the council that I feel suicidal and all they done was send out a social worker. She said she couldn’t do anything. It wasn’t her fault, the council just sent her out.

“The council need to own up and say they’ve not done anything. I think they think I’m lying about it or making things out to be worse.”

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “While we generally don’t comment on individual cases, we sympathise with the man’s situation and are making every effort to help him.

“That is why he has been recommended for a four-bedroom ground floor property with some additional adaptations tailored to his needs. Unfortunately, these types of properties are very limited.

“The timescale for receiving an offer of housing is difficult to determine as it depends on the availability of suitable properties which meet the specific needs of the tenant as well as the demand from applicants with similar housing needs. We will continue to work with him to find a suitable resolution.”