A THREE Towns bar has been given permission to keep its beer garden for a year as boozers continue to adapt to coronavirus restrictions.

The Albion Bar hoped to use its area round the back of the pub on Dockhead Street for outdoor drinking more permanently – with councillors giving permission following a vote last week [Wednesday, May 19].

One objection was received on the grounds of noise which had also been raised within the consultation response from the council’s environmental department.

Meeting papers state the use of the terrace was last checked 12 years ago and was found then to have potential for noise disturbance.

Since that time, a permanent license for the use of the area as a beer garden has been granted by the licensing committee, and temporary licences were issued in 2020, with the area in use as a beer garden between July 15 2020 and October 9 2020.

No complaints about the use were recieved during that period, and Environmental Health has not reported any complaints, albeit the use in the last year was for a temporary period.

The chief planning officer said: “Environmental Health has powers to take action against statutory nuisance regardless of the planning position. On balance therefore, and given Environmental Health’s recommendation, it is considered that a permission limited to one year, which would enable effective monitoring of any potential amenity impacts.

“It is therefore recommended that planning permission be granted subject to conditions.”

During the planning committee last week, councillors agreed to grant the application providing that all tables and chairs be removed by May 20 in 2022 – with full details of the fence and gate to be submitted to planners.