A THUG was jailed after a man was left injured in a horrific assault with a fire extinguisher before the attacker then stole the unconscious victim’s tobacco.

Conan Baliga, 22, pled guilty to the incident in Dalry back in April 26 last year as well as a separate complaint of stealing a car in Stevenston.

Baliga, previously of Lynn Avenue, Dalry, attacked the victim while acting with another unknown person by discharging a fire extinguisher at him in Bridgend Lane.

He then repeatedly struck the victim in the head with the fire extinguisher to his injury until he was unconscious.

Baliga then rifled through the man’s pockets before stealing £6 and the helpless victim’s pouch of rolling tobacco.

He also admitted stealing a car on Kilwinning Road, Stevenston on April 20 last year then driving it without insurance and only holding a provisional licence.

Baliga, represented by Simon Brown solicitors, was give 18 months imprisonment for the horror attack when he returned for sentencing last week [Monday May 17].

He was also given six months imprisonment for the car theft which will run consecutively.