A FORMER chef who claimed he was playing "naked tig' when he raped a woman has been jailed for nine years.

Gary Di Folco pounced on the terrified victim over the bonnet of his car at a secluded area near Mill Glen Reservoir in Ardrossan.

The 33 year-old physically and sexually abused the woman during a campaign of terror.

Jurors heard how another victim suffered at his hands in a similar violent manner.

Di Folco was today sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow, which sat at the city's sheriff court.

The crimes spanned between June 2013 and April 2019.

Judge Tom Hughes told him: "What is clear is the sequence of the charges are very serious indeed involving two women.

"I have read the victim impact statements provided to the court and the consequences your conduct has had on them."

Di Folco will be supervised for a further three years on his release.

The judge further imposed non harassment order banning him from going near either woman for 10 years.

The court heard how Di Folco "used raped as a punishment" against the woman attacked at the reservoir.

She recalled being wakened during the night and a hand slapped over her mouth.

In his speech to jurors, prosecutor Greg Farrell said: "He dragged her by the hair and drove her in the dead of night to a secluded area.

"She got out the car and ran. She knew what was in store.

"Di Folco chased her, pushed her over the bonnet of the car and raped her as she begged him not to."

Di Folco - who denied the accusations - claimed in his evidence he had not had sex with the woman.

He bizarrely claimed they were instead playing "naked tig" late at night at the dark reservoir.

The woman was raped at other times including at a beach in Ardrossan.

She was also slapped and choked leaving her hurt.

The victim was said to have been left "chalk white" in fear of Di Falco and neighbours could often hear her being assaulted.

The woman described him as a "controlling man" with an "explosive temper".

The other victim was also raped and abused at a house in Saltcoats.

Jurors heard Di Folco kept track of where she was using phone apps.

Like the other woman, the jealous thug also accused her of cheating on him with other men.

Lorenzo Alonzi, defending, told the court Di Folco continues to deny his guilt.