Several Saltcoats women raised an amazing sum to help support an MND charity.

Maureen Callaghan and her friends raised more than £300 for the MND Scotland with their ‘Ice Foot Challenge’ this month after she lost her papa to Motor Neuron Disease back in 1980.

And after previously completing the infamous ice bucket challenge with friends Maureen decided to take things to the next step this time round – standing in freezing cold ice water for a brutal 92 seconds.

Also joining the challenge was Kirstin Callaghan, Maureen Johnson, Kirsty Johnstone, Laura Massie, Shannen McGowan, Sarah Miller, Kirsty Miller, Deirdre Oakley and Alison Potts.

Maureen Callaghan said: “We raised £330 – it was bloody freezing but everyone turned up and it was still fun.

“I want to thank all the girls for coming along on such a cold crazy day.”

Motor Neurone Disease is the general name given to a group of illnesses which affect the body’s motor nerves.

MND is a progressive illness and there is currently no cure.

In a healthy person, the motor neurones carry signals from the brain directly to the muscles. However, MND stops signals from the Every case of MND takes its own course, but the disease may cause someone to lose the ability to walk, talk, eat, drink or breathe unaided. Some people may also experience changes in their behaviour, personality and way they think.

For more information on the MND Scotland charity just visit