Whitlees Community Centre hit the headlines for all the right reasons this week.

The grafters at the centre featured in a Reporting Scotland special as an inspiring example of how councils and communities came together to help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reporter Aileen Clarke headed to Ardrossan to speak to council representatives, volunteers and a whole host of other do-gooders who have helped to keep food larders and community hubs ticking over during the health crisis while also keeping an eye on vulnerable people suffering from loneliness during lockdown.

The community larder appeared as just one of the ideas born in lockdown in North Ayrshire, where for £3.50 locals can get four times that value of shopping, with shelves stocked by donations from local people and businesses.

One resident, June Clark, told Reporting Scotland, “I love coming here, it’s good” and said the fact that she was paying something towards it “makes me feel better”.

The report also followed volunteers during meal delivery time, where they visited Peggy Lambie in Ardrossan for a blether.

On the work of Whitlees volunteers, Peggy said: “When you stay yourself, you don’t want to cook. That’s the problem, you get so fed up and all the girls up at the centre have been bringing me down jigsaws and that’s what I sit and do because that keeps my mind occupied.”

It is hoped that lessons can be learned from the tremendous community response to COVID and that the council can continue to keep serving those in need.