A well-known art shop owner in Saltcoats is delighted to bring joy back to customers faces with his framing services.

A specialist in framing special memories from 21st birthdays to war medals, Eddie Paterson has been operating out of the town centre for 11 years starting in the indoor market before expanding to run not one but two shops. After a tough year for small businesses Eddie has welcomed customers back to Art ‘N’ Joy and Arti Farti in Hamilton Street and is ready to continue his bespoke framing service once again.

He said: “I’ve been in Saltcoats for 11 years.

“What we offer is quality bespoke framing.

“We get a picture in and do it to the size that’s required.

“It’s a tailored service which we ensure matches with colours, we can offer different kinds of frames.”

Eddie, 55, has a lifetime of experience framing and was involved in helping iconic sports memorabilia stand out for charity nights held by Saltcoats Lisbon Lion Bobby Lennox. Whilst there are many shops that will offer frames, he believes a good picture “makes a home” and is determined to advise people on how best to frame something they love.

Eddie said: “You can do your house with all the furniture you want, you can add new carpets or repaint the walls. But a picture makes the home.

“You want to look at it and it reminds you of something, it’s what you love. We take pride in what we do, that’s what makes it all worth it.

“When someone comes to me they know they are getting what they want.

“A lot of them have had things that have been wrapped up lying in a drawer for years, it’s something that means a lot to them.

“It’s special when you show them the finished frame, you see their joy and how important it is to them.”

Eddie has been grateful to see customers coming back and has been encouraged by the response. He added: “We offer a bespoke service and that means if someone comes to the shop we can give them exactly what they want.”

Eddie’s Arti Farti store has also reopened, with the former Ardrossan Highland Games Chieftain excited to show off art from local and international artists.

For more information visit www.arti-farti.co.uk


This article is brought to you in association with Arti Farti.