Heartless vandals have broken into Ardrossan Community Sports Hub only two weeks after the centre was opened to the public. 

Despite best efforts to keep unwanted trespassers out, vandals have damaged the electrics and left the gym with no power. 

The centre will remain closed temporarily until an electrician has accessed the damage to the building. 

It is hoped that the centre will be reopened for afternoon and evening classes later today. 

Scott Mould, the trustee of the hub, told the Herald: "We are devastated that this has happened only two weeks since we opened. We are publicly funded and we've only just launched in the community. 

"Our landlord has bricked up all the parts that could be bricked up to prevent break-ins and the only place left was where the access to electricity was and they have got in there.

"We are gutted this has happened after only two weeks but we hope to be back open as soon as we've had somebody check over the damage and got the power back on.

"We have CCTV so hopefully we can check to see who it was. It is a constant battle to keep people off the grounds but all I can hope for is that I can put a call out to young people who might be bored enough to break in that they might want to put their energy into being part of the community gym and using their energy for the better."