West Kilbride is very fortunate to have Kirktonhall Glen, a park which stretches from near the railway station, all the way to a point a few hundred years uphill from the beach.

West Kilbride Community Council have established a sub-committee, provisionally entitled Friends of Kirktonhall Glen.

They are now inviting representatives of a wide range of organisations to discuss how further improvements might be made, so that the Glen is able to cope with the pressures generated by an ever increasing population.

The original land was gifted in the 1920s by Robert Barr, a shipowner and merchant who lived in Carlung House. Since that time the area covered has expanded and the land is now looked after mainly by North Ayrshire Council and the West Kilbride Initiative.

Recently substantial work has been done by local voluntary organisations to refurbish the sporting facilities, particularly the tennis courts, pavilion and football field, and to enhance the large open spaces. However much remains to be done.

FOKG is keen to seek funding to support projects in the glen and are looking for as many residents as possible - of all ages - offer ideas and suggestions.

This can be done by emailing wk1620@gmail.com