A THREE Towns man drank a bottle of Buckfast then later held a knife to his girlfriend’s throat after throwing a brick at her then stole her glasses when she refused to buy him more drink.

Jason Haswell, 28, admitted carrying a blade, breaching bail order and assault in Ardrossan when he appeared in court via video link from custody.

The court heard Haswell, currently of HMP Kilmarnock, had drank a bottle of Buckfast before he and his ex-partner later passed a shop in Glasgow Street.

After she had refused to buy him more alcohol, Haswell seized hold of her and told her to go in the shop and grabbed her leggings.

As she was getting away he threw a brick towards her - but it did not hit her.

As she again attempted to flee, Haswell removed her glasses from her face. Back at the house the accused placed a knife to her throat, placed the blade to her neck again and applied pressure.

Police heard the woman say: “Leave me alone, please leave me alone”, as they approached the front door.

Haswell pled guilty to a second charge of breaching a bail order. He also admitted carrying a knife and bladed item and will return to court for sentencing at a later date.