A heartbroken bride has spoken about the moment that her future husband passed away at the altar minutes before they were about to get married.

57-year-old Paul Wynn died in the moments before he was set to tie the knot as his family desperately tried to revive him.

Paul, who had been surviving with a terminal illness, was due to wed his partner of 21 years, Alison Wynn, last Friday at Saltcoats town hall.

Alison had been walked down the aisle by their son, Sandy, 20, before tragedy struck. 

His 38-year-old fiancee said: "He had gone to the Kilt shop to get fitted and drove back to the house to drop Sandy off, before driving to the venue and between walking from the Semichem to the town hall, he lost all his energy.

"He had to get help up on the lift as there was no wheelchair, and was asking for help with his kilt and breathing funny."

The Dad-of-11 had been told by doctors he had cancer just eight days before he died.

He heard that the disease was in his pancreas and that it had spread to his liver and lungs.

Paul was given anywhere between six weeks and two months left to live.

When the health news broke, the Stevenston couple, who have five children together, brought forward their nuptials in a bid to get married before time ran out.

Sadly, their dream to get married in the short time Paul had left was not meant to be.

Speaking to the Herald, Alison spoke of the heartbreak her family has gone through: "It has affected all my family, friends, the staff at the venue, and my mother who has Alzheimer's is traumatized, we don't know how to tell her when she keeps thinking it only happened yesterday.

"It wasn't what Paul wanted, he wanted to slip away quietly and wouldn't have wanted me and our children to be in so much pain."

The couple’s eldest walked Alison down the aisle once the 20 guests were seated shortly before 2pm.

But as Alison made her way closer to Paul, she clicked something wasn’t right as Paul remained slumped in a chair. 

Alison's sister and Dannielle Sood, who was Paul’s best woman at the wedding, got Paul off the chair and onto the ground.

However, administrating CPR and then a defibrillator, first aiders sadly couldn’t revive Paul.

In May this year, Paul contacted his GP after bleeding from his stomach and rapid and sudden weight loss.

He dropped from 23 stone to 16.6 stone in a matter of months and yet struggled to get help.

He changed Dr and was sent to A&E, where after an endoscopy showed that he had three hernias, and a CT scan then provided the devastating news that he had cancer.

Eventually, he couldn't eat nor keep food down and was only able to consume liquids.

Alison was given morphine to help him with the pain: "I don't know if he was hiding the pain, but he was only taking a small dose, I didn't realise he was going to deteriorate so fast.

"He looked fine on the morning and no signs of pain or symptoms. We don't know what happened."

He passed away just eight days later.

Paul and Alison met in 1999 through the Jehovah’s Witnesses religious group, and the couple had remained together on and off for 21 years. 

They were due to get married on July 16 after Paul proposed in October 2019 at a friend's house. They moved the date forward a month after learning of Paul's devastating health implications. 

The couple has five kids: Sandy, 20; Tarquin, 15; Marcus, 13; Louise, eight; and Poppy, four.

The couple's friends have launched a go-fund-me to help support them with the funeral costs: https://gofund.me/8557c958

Paul’s funeral will take place on Tuesday, July 6 at Stevenston High Road Cemetery at 2pm.