A THREE Towns creep caught with sick pics of children and bestiality who also pretended to be a nine-year-old girl on the internet, has been caged.

Kevin David Cowan, 32, admitted to three charges of indecent images involving children and extreme pornography when he appeared last Monday, June 28.

Cowan, of Barrie Terrace, Ardrossan, admitted possessing indecent photographs at his address between June 16 and August 20, 2020.

He also pled guilty to possessing extreme pornographic images depicting acts of bestiality in an explicit and realistic way between August 8 and August 29.

Cowan admitted to a third charge of pretending to be a child to persons to obtain sexual communications by fraud from June 16 to August 20 last year.

Her Majesty’s criminal indictment states Cowan pretended that he was a child named Rebecca, aged nine-years-old, and engaged in sexual communications with individuals currently unknown to prosecutors.

Cowan was given eight months in jail for each offence – which will be served concurrently.

He will also remain on the sex offender’s register of 10 years.