A SALTCOATS playwright who has developed a passion for the lives of the workers of the former Nobel Explosives factory at Ardeer is back with a week of performances charting the history of the place.

Jack Dickson, who has already made a film charting the story of the Girls of Cartlidge Hut No 7 is now hoping that his dream of staging a play in their memory could come true.

Originally, the Girls of Cartridge Hut No7 was supposed to be staged at Irvine’s Harbour Arts Centre as part of the Tidelines Festival last year.

But lockdown forced the plans to be put on hold.

Jack then shot a short video which incorporated stories of Nobel workers and people from the Three Towns who shared their experiences of working at the factory. It was streamed online and now Jack is hoping to bring the play to the stage in the next few months.

“On that day in May 1884, 10 young women tragically lost their lives while working at Nobel’s Dynamite Factory,” explained Jack.

“Many of them were under the age of 21 and I was so moved when I found out about them losing their lives, I decided I should write a play.

“I wanted to pay tribute to the thousands who worked at Nobels and ICI during the 150 years that the factory was there.

“When we got the bad news that we couldn’t perform the musical we put together a short film.”

The film was received so positively Jack has decided to bring the play back to life.

The play will have a matinee and evening performances and Jack needs volunteers to become stewards for the show.

Jack said: “We’re looking for local people of all ages to get involved, as volunteer ushers and stewards for our performances and as part of our spoken chorus of Dynamite workers, chemists, miners and soldiers who will tell, along with our professional cast, the important story of Alfred Nobel’s Factory and the Ardeer peninsula.”

Now Jack is waiting to hear about funding from Creative Scotland and is putting the plans in place for the play to go ahead come what may.

If you want to get involved email Jack at jdic101769@aol.com.