Sixty is the usual age when you pick up your free bus pass in Scotland - but thanks to a new government scheme secured by the Scottish Greens, those who are aged 21 and under will now be able to travel anywhere in Scotland by bus at no cost.

Scottish Greens West of Scotland MSP Ross Greer has welcomed the news that young people in North Ayrshire will be able to travel for free on the bus from January.

The new scheme will allow anyone aged 21 or younger to travel across Scotland for free on the bus with a concessionary travel card from 31 January 2022.

The scheme had been delayed by COVID-19 and a 'shortage of silicone', vital in the manufacture of the concessionary cards.

Ross said: “Free bus travel for young people in North Ayrshire will not only be transformational for many families’ finances, but it will also open up opportunities for young people, and help tackle the climate emergency by reducing car use.

“What’s more, as we recover from the pandemic, this scheme will be vital in encouraging people safely back onto public transport, to ensure we see a green recovery.

"The Scottish Greens believe public transport should be free at the point of use for everyone. I’m proud that we have been to take Scotland one step closer to that through our work in Parliament.”