An Aberfoyle parrot who went missing from his home at the Dreamcatchers luxury holiday cabins found himself on his own holiday - to Dalry in North Ayrshire!

Darby, the bright-green Derbyan Parakeet, is usually seen welcoming guests whilst chilling free at the luxury cabins in Stirlingshire that is nearly 50 miles away from Dalry. 

His favorite expressions are "such a good boy", "cheeky boy" and "seeds!"

Cheeky Darby went missing last Friday and after a social media campaign that saw his missing poster being shared across Scotland, his owners received a link to say that somebody had posted a picture of a green parrot on a peanut feeder. 

Posting on Instagram, Darby's owner said: "He's been known to spend a night out, but he's never been away for a full weekend. So, yesterday, we put out a Facebook and Instagram post to see if anybody had seen him.

"There are a few big birds of prey in the area...

"The response to posts was overwhelming. Then we received the link to a photo taken in  Dalry, Ayrshire, we had no doubt it was out Darby."

After posting on the Dalry community group that they had lost a parrot, the family of the owner set off to Dalry to see if they could see him themselves.

With local intel, they had received a sighting in minutes around Dalry Primary School. 

They continued: "A special thanks to the community of Dalry - the well-wishes and reports on his locations were what brought him home.

"The past couple of days were a reminder of the positive influence social media can have, the huge kindness of strangers, and that we need to get a tracker on our little green parrot. 

"Never underestimate human goodness. So much to be grateful for today. Thank you all!"