Volunteers and visitors have been back up Kilwinning’s Abbey tower after a difficult period for tourism amid the pandemic.

Visitors were welcomed once again late last month with volunteers glad for Kilwinning’s iconic historic landmark to be back in business.

A Kilwinning Heritage spokesperson said: “We welcomed our first visitors back to the tower in 681 days. Volunteers, Christine and Jim, saw our first two new abbey grounds tours round the ruins and ground floor of the tower this afternoon, and we are looking forward to having visitors make the trip up the 143 steps to the roof tomorrow.

“A huge thank you to everyone who has booked in to visit us so far, we are now fully booked for this weekend and next.

“Don’t worry if you’ve missed out this time, once we have trialled all our procedures over the next weekend, we will release more visitor slots for the following weeks.

“Keep an eye out on our social media to keep up to date.”