A THREE Towns teacher has swapped the hustle and bustle of Ayrshire for a new life on the idyllic Isle of Coll.

Angela Reid, who was used to running up to 20 miles a day around Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston, has also started a blog about how she is adapting to the 13 miles of the island and she is loving every moment.

The small isle has only 150 inhabitants and while it may be small in size it has inspired Angela with her blog, The Diary of a Wee Yin, where she tells tales of her fitness regime, of her class at the primary school and her encounters with wildlife including sheep.

“It was a big move but it was the right time for me,” said Angela.

“I love to run and was worried about how small the island was, I knew I would have to do a lot of laps to make up the miles.

“But as I was running, I thought why not write about island life?

“And I wrote a wee blog, told some people and they were so positive about it I kept going, my online diary.

“Every day something fun happens, whether it is in the classroom or when I am out my runs and even sometimes just conversations I have with islanders make for a good blog.

“What makes it special is that people back home in the Three Towns who knew me can read about my island life, it makes me feel a little closer to home.”

Here are a couple of snapshots of Angela’s Diary of a Wee Yin:

“The sunrise was not going to be as spectacular as recent mornings due to the low fog but it was trying extremely hard to break through. However, the midges had no problem finding their way through and after leaving the window open slightly on the latch, I came home to the white windowsill looking like it had been painted black.They were everywhere. I’m scratching now even thinking about it…walk to work was interesting. With my animated moves at swiping them away, I looked like Lee Evans walking on to stage.”

“I got super excited when the kids came in buzzing this morning telling me that Steve Backshall was on the island and staying round at Ballyhaugh. Steve is a wildlife presenter and he’s here on Coll filming the basking sharks around at that part of the island. I quickly got on to his management team so watch this space folks.”