North Ayrshire’s Waste Management Team have been praised for their work amid pandemic difficulties and staff redeployment.

Cllr Donald L. Reid said: “They have done an incredible job of work ensuring continuity of uplift of bins between March 2020 and the present.

“I would make special mention of the front-line team emptying our bins throughout the pandemic and sincerely thank them for their service during this difficult time. It would be remiss not to also acknowledge the organisational work of our NAC Waste Management team who have had to be innovative to support the front line team through a challenging period”.

Cllr Jim Montgomerie said: “A combination of factors, including more people at home generating additional waste, physical distancing requirements in our vehicles, and the impact of self-isolation on employee numbers, presented significant resourcing challenges.

“Officers were able to mitigate this by training and redeploying colleagues from Streetscene and Roads Services. This swift action meant that we were able to continue our services uninterrupted.”