Come Dine With Me contestant Dazza - who went to school in Saltcoats - has admitted he will deep fry his entire menu, including the lasagne, lettuce, and chocolate bars, on tonight's episode. 

The Channel Four show sees four contestants cook and host a dinner party over four nights, before rating each others cooking and entertainment efforts. The winner will walk away with a £1000 grand prize. 

As revealed in the Herald last week, two contestants on the Glasgow edition of the show actually have links to North Ayrshire.

So now we are very invested in the outcome of this popular dining party programme.

Darren Dowling, known by his online moniker 'Does it Fry? Dazza' grew up in Ayrshire and went to St Matthew’s Academy in Saltcoats, and Robert Lee, the physic medium was born in Ayr and now resides in West Kilbride.

That means there is more to this ‘Glasgow’ edition than meets the eye.

Although based in the city, the contestants weren't able to use their own homes due to Covid restrictions. Dazza told the Herald: "I think that is what motivated me to sign up, I didn't need to do it in my own place!"

The week began with a pink-themed menu from hairdresser Jennifer whilst Dazza managed to confuse courgette for a cucumber.

This should have been a clue where Dazza's menu was going.

He has built a huge social media following through making content on experimental deep-frying and has gained millions of views by recording his antics.

He said: “As much as the food wasn’t enjoyable, the night was. But it’ll become apparent when you see how much one of the guests didn’t enjoy the food and caused a scene the next morning.”

Tune in to the show tonight on Channel 4 at 5.30pm to see Darren's deep friend dilemma.