NORTH Ayrshire has been chosen as an area for a new pilot scheme that aims to offer visually impaired people the chance to get on a bike.

And cyclist Andrew Campbell who is also a tandem pilot, is determined to find people in the area who want to try cycling on a tandem bike.

Andrew said: “By now we all know that cycling is a great way to keep fit, get outside, and meet new people and doing so with a visual impairment is entirely possible. All that’s needed is a tandem bike and a sighted person to ride as pilot in front.

“To help develop new activities Cycling UK would like to offer tandem try out sessions across North Ayrshire to sighted and visually impaired people interested in joining or supporting tandem rides. Cycling is a great exercise and this project wants to make sure that visually impaired people in this area get the chance to learn how to ride tandem.

“With an area that has such great cycle paths and fantastic places to go and cycle safely, we hope that a lot of people take up this opportunity to join this project.”

Andrew is also looking for sighted people to sign up as tandem pilots too.

He went on: “Pilot training can be arranged for sighted people who will be the front rider of the tandem and stoker training can be organised for the person riding in the back.

“These sessions are completely free, typically last just over an hour and can be delivered

locally during the week or at weekends.

“We want to encourage all curious people, of all experience levels, to get in touch and give tandem cycling a go.

“If this is something that you or someone you know would like to give a go, I hope you will get in touch with me.”

To sign up as a tandem pilot or are visually impaired, get in touch with