PUBLICAN Ronnie McConnachie has joined forces with singer Willie Smith to bring live music back to his pubs in Saltcoats and Ardrossan.

Ronnie is now making every Friday night live music night at his Saltcoats pub, The Windy Ha, with fresh talent performing for punters.

And he has singer Willie Smith to help with his mission to make Saltcoats and Ardrossan the places to be for great music and a great night out.

“We had been putting on live music and it had been going great,” explained Ronnie.

“Then lockdown came and people started building their own mancaves out their backdoors so when the pubs opened up again, they became wary and end up just sitting drinking in their gardens.

“For us as a business here in the community we have to give our customers something more than just pints at £2.50 so we thought, let’s get the live music scene back here in Saltcoats and Ardrossan.

“I contacted Willie and we are now offering live acoustic music every Friday right up until Christmas.

“It’s a chance to give our customers something to enjoy, all the women like to have music to dance to and it’s even better when the music is live.”

Singer Willie has high hopes that soon, he and Ronnie will be able to put on bigger events, their dream being a mini festival at the Civic Centre in Ardrossan.

But for now, the focus is on good live music to get toes tapping and feet dancing.

Willie said: “I have a lot of contacts in Manchester and I could bring some great bands to Ardrossan and put on a festival that would get people talking for years to come.

“For now we just want to offer cracking music from really talented people, some from Ayrshire, some from Glasgow, but all determined to give the people in the Windy Ha a brilliant night out.”

Ronnie’s other pub, Jack’s Corner, also has a singer on a Saturday and once a month at the Windy Ha.

“This is a cover act and we had 50 in the Windy Ha last Sunday, it was brilliant,” beamed Ronnie.

“It is so good to see our venues busy again, long may it continue.”

Acts performing at the Windy Ha on Fridays include Jack Richardson, Craig Scott, Kerr Strachan, Jodie Ray and Wully.