A STEVENSTON rapper who was diagnosed with an incurable mouth cancer last year has sold out his latest album drops in less than three days.

Derek Grayston, 45, who went to Auchenharvie Academy, was in Scottish rap crew All Time High Now and these days works under the name Del Soulcondor.

He is currently in the Ayrshire Hospice and has been reaching out to his heroes online and the music community have rallied round him in his time of need.

He spoke to the Herald about what it means to him to get this record into people’s hands whilst he is able to enjoy their reaction to his work. He said: “The first record, 003 ( f**k cancer) , obviously speaks for itself, and is an audio attack on the horrible disease that’s going to take me.

“I’ve been lucky enough that I’ve approached a lot of rappers I’ve looked up to for 20 years or so and asked if they would be involved in my projects and they have all said yes.

“I released two records at the one time as I wasn’t sure how long I had time-wise to get my releases out there so I thought going for 003 and 004 together was for the best, we released 600 records on September 23 and sold out on September 26.

“Pretty incredible I would say for a small, small label with no advertising except from my own social media sites on Twitter and Instagram but I have a brilliant, loyal following on them both due to both my music following and people who have followed my battle with mouth cancer since this time last year.”

Derek’s friend Tim Guiheen has set up a Go-Fund-Me page to support him and allow him to carry on making music and remain comfortable. You can donate using this link www.gofundme.com/f/xhztvs-save-the-vinyl or you can send Derek well wishes by following him on Twitter: twitter.com/DelSoulcondor