RESIDENTS who live next to a bridge in Ardrossan are calling for the safety of the bridge and the path below to be looked at after a man fell off it.

Two weeks ago a man fell from the bridge in the early hours of the morning and emergency services, including mountain rescue crews, arrived to get down to the land below the bridge and rescue him.

This has caused some residents to be concerned about the railings at the bridge and also, the state of the ground with rubbish underneath.

One Hunter Avenue resident who asked not to be named said: “We all got a fright when this poor man fell over, there were a lot of emergency crews here and thank goodness he was alive.

“There is a substantial drop from the bridge to the ground below and at one time I believe it was owned by Sustrans, the cycle network people.

“It was a former railway and we know that it has become overgrown and people dump rubbish there but this area needs looked at.

“We see other parts of Ardrossan being renovated and surely if this path leads on to the one that leads to North Shore, it could be included in any plans they have to improve the area.”

National Cycle Network group, Sustrans have confirmed they are responsible for the path underneath the bridge.

A spokesperson for Sustrans said: “The land is historically owned by Sustrans and was acquired some years ago as, at the time, we were looking at the feasibility of developing a route. For a variety of reasons this hasn’t proved possible, so, for some time now, we have been looking at relinquishing our ownership.

“If any group has an interest in advancing plans for the land we would be happy to enter into discussions and share our previous feasibility study.”

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “Our records indicate that the bridge is not owned by NAC.

“There was a bridge assessment undertaken around 20 years ago, which the bridge passed. The assessment contained a record showing that the parapet height is adequate.

“An inspector will visit the site in case there’s a problem and we’ll notify the owner if there are any issues and act to protect public safety if that is required.”