NORTH Ayrshire Trading Standards are urging locals to be aware of illegal vapes containing harmful levels of nicotine currently on sale in the region. 

The disposable vapes are commonly known as 'Geek Bars' or 'Nicotine Puffs' and contain an extremely harmful dose of nicotine. 

Genuine vape products allowed to be sold in the UK must have the following on the packages:

1. A UK address

2. No more than two per cent Nicotine

3. No more than 2ml of liquid

4. The EXACT wording "This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

Officers have found these illegal vapes on sale in North Ayrshire and are looking for people to report them if they are sold one.

A spokesperson from Trading Standards said: "Our officers have found illegal disposable vapes on sale in North Ayrshire.

"These are commonly called "Geek Bars" or "Nicotine Puffs" and have extremely harmful levels of nicotine.

"If you have any information on the sale of these items please contact us on"