A COUPLE were rescued near the summit of Arran's tallest peak yesterday after they were separated from their group

At around 4pm, the team were called out to the aid of the couple - and it wasn't until five hours later that both were safe.

One of the couple managed to make contact with the rest of their party stating that they were now lost on very steep ground, unfortunately no further contact could be made with either of them.

Due to the serious nature of the terrain and vast search area, Rescue 199 were requested as the team were deploying to the Rosa slabs area in the Argo cats.

Rescue 199 quickly located the first casualty in a precarious position near the watershoot area to the West side of the summit, having suffered a nasty leg injury.

She was treated by the winchman and flown to the base where the local ambulance crew took over her care.

The search for the other member of the party then continued with around 20 team members on foot as well as Rescue 199 covering large areas before he was found in the forestry by team members at around 9pm.

He was very cold and wet but otherwise well.