A MUSIC therapy and wellbeing group is making an appeal for anyone with a spare iPod lying around at home to get in touch and donate it.

The L&M Well Being Consultancy CIC is an Ayrshire-based team that have been helping youngsters deal with struggles such as confidence, anger and loneliness through the power of music therapy.

Now coming towards the end of the programmes, the leaders of the group are hoping to reward the kids with an iPod of their own, so they can continue on the right path when their guidance ends.

Alongside Lorraine O’Rourke, Monica Cooper is a director of L&M Well Being Consultancy CIC, and she is keen for the youngsters who have taken part in the programme to be able to take something away with them at the end of it.

She told the Herald: “It really has been amazing to see how some of the kids have change even in a short space of time, just by listening to some music.

“Music can really help you to express your emotions, but also change how you are feeling.

“I’ve had parents tell me how much the therapy has helped at home as well with their kid’s behaviour.

“Whether that is calming them down, cheering them up, or anything else, it’s great to see the impact.

“I’m desperate for anyone who has a spare iPod lying in their drawer or cupboards to kindly donate them so we can reward the kids for the hard work and commitment they have put into these programmes as well.

“You can get in touch via our website or out facebook page at L&M Well Being Consultancy CIC”.

Be sure to get in touch if you can help them out.