The work has begun to demolish the properties affected by ground subsidence in Saltcoats. 

The eight Sharphill Road homes were deemed unsafe after underground movement caused the houses to 'sink' into the ground early on Saturday morning of September 25.

Residents from numbers 47-59 were evacuated around 2am and the road was partially closed following an investigation by the Coal Authority. 

Large areas of Saltcoats and wider Ayrshire have been built on previous coal mining land.

The Coal Authority will now investigate subsidence potentially from historical coal mine workings, which has been discovered underneath numbers 45 to 59.

The government authority has now said properties would need to be demolished in a controlled manner to minimise the risk of collapse and to make the area safe.

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The demolition work began today [Tuesday, October 12] and will continue for the next five weeks.

The Coal Authority said: "This work will be undertaken with due sensitivity to the homeowners and in accordance with strict safety protocols. This work will involve some noise but working hours will be restricted to 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday. There will be no demolition work in the evenings or at weekends."

10 people are currently living in temporary accommodation after their houses were deemed unsafe.

All families directly affected by the incident are now in regular contact with the Coal Authority who have been working closely with them to address their accommodation, support and recovery needs. 

It was just over three weeks ago that the residents had to leave their homes, leaving all their belongings behind.

A spokesperson from the Coal Authority said: "In direct support of residents, our team on the ground are doing all that they can to recover property from affected homes, within the boundaries of safety. 

"We will continue to support this task with our best efforts and in collaboration with affected families.

"Arrangements are being made to have items recovered placed in safe storage and allow residents access."