Ten residents of a street in Saltcoats will receive full compensation from the Coal Authority after extensive tests show historical coal mines under their property were at fault. 

This follows the news that eight properties on Sharphill Road required demolition after a serious underground incident left them in a ‘dangerous state of repair’ last month [September 25].

Ten residents of 45-59 Sharphill Road, Saltcoats were evacuated to safety in the early hours after the block of flats began to subside into the ground.

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A ground investigation carried out by The Coal Authority has concluded the government agency will take full responsibility for the subsistence after the remains of historical coal mining were deemed at fault.

This means they will receive the full cost price of their home plus any expenses for disruption and damages accrued can be claimed by those affected.

The Coal Authority identified unrecorded coal workings as the cause of the subsidence that has affected Sharphill Road number 45-59.

Under the Coal Mining Subsidence Act 1991, the Coal Authority is responsible for resolving and remediating sites that have been impacted by historical mine workings.

Under the Act, The Coal Authority will now work to support families and individuals who have been directly impacted by the incident that caused their homes to sink into the ground in the early hours of September 26.

A spokesperson from the Coal Authority told the Herald: "We are moving quickly to ensure there are no delays or hold-ups in this process."

Mining in this area is historical and goes back over 400 years. It ended around 1895 following an incident at the mine.

During this period the accuracy of mine mapping was not an exact science and details were limited by available technology.

This investigation work has included a number of boreholes and soil sampling that provide a strong profile of the ground beneath the homes.

A spokesperson from the Coal Authority said: "This is an extremely difficult time for residents affected by this unusual situation and our thoughts are with them as they begin to move forward. 

"We are already in close contact with these families and we will continue to support their needs and remediation for their property and possessions as we go forward.

"The Coal Authority will also work with the wider community to provide information about the underlying ground situation to provide an assurance of public and property safety.

"If members of the public have any additional concerns or questions they can contact our Customer Support Team on 0345 762 6848 or 01623 637000 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or email us at customerservice@coal.gov.uk"