A THUG attacked a man and a child in a house before struggling with four coppers while on bail.

Peter William Sievwright, 39, was found guilty of two charges of assault at an address in Lindsay Avenue on February 27 this year before resisting arrest.

Court papers state Sievwright, himself also of Lindsay Avenue, attempted to punch the man, seized him by the clothing and pulled him against a garden fence to his injury. He also assaulted a boy, who court papers state was aged 11, by striking the youngster on the head.

Later while on Milton Road, Kilbirnie, Sievwright refused to leave a motor vehicle after being repeatedly instructed to. The complaint states Sievwright then struggled violently with the four arresting officers.

The criminal complaint state the three offences were committed while on bail – granted on June 18 last year.

When he appeared before Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on Wednesday last week, Sievwright was found guilty of all three charges.

Bail was continued and he will return to court for sentencing later in the year.