New mums Mary Woods, Aimee O’Conner, Amanda Mills, Amy Downie, Kerry Brodie and Faye McRae – all from the Three Towns, and all with new born twins – got together to launch a new twin group. after realising the old twin group that used to run had disbanded.

So they decided to try and organise our own.

They managed to find a venue, with Christina Smith from the Ardeer Centre being able to help enable this.

Mary Woods told the Herald: “You know lockdown has been a challenge for many but more so mums, and in particular twin mums.

“New mums and babies have suffered without the social interaction that we normally take for granted.

“We are just a group of regular mums who recognise the importance of peer support for our own mental health and giving the chance for our kids to grow and play with other twin friends.”

The group started last Wednesday and it was a huge success with over 15 mums and dads attending, meaning 30 babies in total.

Mary added: “We hope in time to have guest speakers from the local mental health team coming along with different sensory activities for the babies.”

The group meets every Wednesday morning where fFamilies can drop in between 10-12pm with a cost of £3 per family. Visit Ayrshire twins and multiples club on Facebook for more information.