NEW street lighting for Kerr’s Lane could be made a priority following a meeting Councillor Jim Montgomerie had with residents.

The councillor met Montgomerie Road residents in Saltcoats on Wednesday after concerns were raised about Kerr’s Lane which people use as a path to get to the town centre from the shore front.

Residents say people use the lane late at night, mainly as a way through to the town centre and the councillor has now contacted Police Scotland to ask for patrols to be increased in that area of Saltcoats.

Jim said: “When I received an email from a resident who was worried about the lighting, I arranged a meeting on-site straight away to let me get a better understanding for what they were looking for. I had a lengthy discussion with them .

“It was clear they want to have lighting in the lane so my job was to take their concerns to the council and argue their case. I am happy

to say that the council has agreed that this lighting work should be done and this is the first phase for this area, once this is completed I will then discuss with residents how we can go about tackling

the other issues they raised with me.”

A council spokesperson said: “The team has advised residents that lighting is programmed for installation in Kerr’s Lane in the financial year 2022/23, subject to Cabinet approval.

“Our budget for this year is fully committed, however, given the safety concerns raised, I have requested that the team keeps our current project commitments under review with a view to accelerating the project into this financial year should the opportunity arise.”

They added: “If we are in a position to do this, we will write to both the residents and

Councillor Montgomerie to update them before undertaking any work.”