THE lives of Nobel Explosives and ICI workers as well as the communities of families in Ardeer are set to be the focus of an American history podcast.

California-based producer Brad Shreve saw the short film made by Stevenston’s Jack Dickson, Shifting Sands, and was so fascinated by it that he wants it to be the basis of his next history podcast.

And Brad wants to hear from people in the area who have stories to tell about working life at the explosives factory as well as families who lived in Ardeer to share on his next show.

Interviews will take place over Skype with Brad hoping to hear as many stories as he can get a hold of from people in Ardeer.

Film maker Jack Dickson is thrilled that word about

Nobel is getting out into the world.

Jack said: “This is a great chance to make sure the fascinating history of the area where we live is not forgotten.

“So let’s seize the opportunity to get our voices heard far and wide.

“Did you work there? Did your mum? Dad? Gran? Grandpa? Do you walk your dog down there now? What do you think of what’s happening on the Peninsula these days?

“Brad wants to know it all and I know for a fact that this community has a lot of stories to share.”

Jack was disappointed that Creative Scotland refused his application for funding for a short film about the Ardeer girls.

He explained: “In May 1884, 10 young women tragically lost their lives while working at Nobel’s Dynamite Factory.

“Many of them were under the age of 21 and I was so moved when I found out about them losing their lives, I decided I should write a play.

“I wanted to pay tribute to those who worked at Nobels and ICI during the 150 years that the factory run a week long of performances at Ardeer.

“Sadly the funding was refused but I am going to apply again and hopefully in 2022 will be able to bring their story to life again.”

Jack is also working on a project about the ecological importance of the sands at Ardeer dunes, he said: “There is an important relationship between sand and marram grass which is found at the dunes, they work together to protect our environment.”

Anyone who wants to get involved in the podcast should email Jack Dickson at