A FORMER commando sniper from Kilwinning, who has travelled the world and befriended superstar actors during his adventures, has now become an author.

Aldo Kane has dared to climb into an active volcano, set a world record for rowing across the Atlantic, and has even been up close and personal with the Mexican drug cartel.

This action man has spent time travelling across Siberia with Venom star Tom Hardy and considers Superman actor Henry Cavill a friend after filming and training the A-list star.

But for Aldo, coming home for a pint in the Claremont in Kilwinning with his dad is just as big a highlight.

“Kilwinning will always be home,” said Aldo.

“I live in Bristol now but mum and dad are still there and I get up as often as I can, now I have my son Atlas, it has become more important than ever.

“And I always pop into my old haunt, the Claremont, with my dad.”

Aldo left Kilwinning Academy and joined the marines with his twin brother Ross.

One of Aldo’s biggest adventures was becoming a dad while he was completing a six-part ocean adventure series being made by BBC Studios and Hollywood director James Cameron for the National Geographic channel.

And watching his son being born via a video link from the other side of the world, is just one of the stories he shares in his brutally honest book, Lessons from the Edge.

He explained: “Whether it’s with Narcos, dangerous wildlife, anti-poaching, mountaineering, climbing, diving – I’m just trying to tell the story.

“But I also want to show people reading it that they are just like me, they can achieve anything they want if they work for it.

“All the various different expeditions I’ve been on and what I’ve learned from them now prove that all the things that happen in these strange environments, the lessons from that can be transferable into everyday life.

“I’m nothing special, I’m just someone from Kilwinning who has worked hard but we all have potential to reach any goals we set ourselves and during the tour, that is what I have been trying to get across to people who come along.”

Aldo’s tour has taken him to Edinburgh, Leeds and London, with fans queuing up to have their books signed.

“It has been a fantastic experience,” said Aldo.

“Meeting so many people and hearing how they have taken some inspiration from my own journey has been an amazing experience.

“I am going to enjoy being a dad for a while, that comes with its own set of demands and skills, then, we will see what happens.”