A LOCAL photographer has opened up on the excitement of her future after becoming an official rugby snapper.

Casey McCracken, 24, was inspired by her mother to begin using a camera as when she was growing up she was always busy taking pictures.

Sharing a Sony DSLR camera with her mum until she was 21, Casey eventually saved up enough money to get her very own Nikon 3500 DLSR, which she is still using today to take photos of local scenery, nature, animals and rugby matches.

Casey told the Herald: “I always liked the idea of being able to capture a moment and save it forever.

“That’s probably where I got my love for photography from.

“I have saved all my money to buy things like backdrops and light boxes so I could expand the different types of photography that I can do.

“I decided a few years ago that I wanted to take my photography professional, but I had to build my confidence first.

“It was not until last year that I was confident enough to take the steps I needed to

make it happen and apply to college.”

In August of 2020, Casey, who was raised in Saltcoats, began a level 6 Photography course with Ayrshire College, and is now studying for a HNC in Photography.

Not content with only advancing her work through her studies, Casey was also successful in her application to be the official photographer for Ardrossan Accies Rugby Club, fending off competition from other photographers to win the position.

She said: “This year things have really been happening for me.

“I had never done any sports photography before and honestly wasn’t sure what I was doing but I had to give it a go if I wanted my photography to go anywhere and I am so glad I did.

“I am learning new things at every game I shoot and developing my skills and techniques.

“I am so thankful that the club took a chance on me and has given me this amazing opportunity.”

Casey was also encouraged by her family to enter work into the Saltcoats-based pop-up art Gallery Sometimes, where Casey found organiser Ian Roberts helpful and encouraging.

“I sold four of my six pieces and was honestly so pleased and grateful that anyone wanted to buy my work,” Casey continued. “I also got photographer of the week which I am very proud of.

“To those wishing to become photographers I would say go for it. Have confidence in your own ability and put yourself out there.”

To see more of Casey’s work, search for Gallery Sometimes on Facebook.