THERE are only two candidates standing in Cunninghame South for the Scottish Youth Parliament this year.

And both of them will be elected automatically as there are two seats available.

They are Justin Jones and Pyper Quayle.

Justin told the Herald: “I believe that every young person should have a voice in concerns that matter to them.

“Why should we, young people, not have a say, why should we not get to make the decisions and question the decision makers on their views.

“I want to be your MSYP, enabling youth voice and promoting SYP priorities, leading conversation that creates positive change for young people across Scotland”.

Pyper added: “I want to make a difference, I want to be a voice for the young people and speak up for what is right.

“I want to make Scotland a better place, the best place.

“I’ve always looked up and admired empowered women with strong beliefs. Empowered and independent females give us hope.

“Someday I hope that I too can inspire young people and communities.”

Voting takes place from November 8-19, with the result on November 23.