A GIN distillery on Arran hopes to expand the business and offer more activities on the island after a recent name change.

Arran Gin, which recently rebranded as Arran Botanical Drinks, plans to change the use of its Cladach Beach House HQ from the limited drinks production and retail environment to expand its activities on offer.

The firm also hope to add some much-needed storage and possible production space with two 8ft by 20ft shipping containers which would be clad in wood.

In the plans, Arran Botanical Drinks said: “The reason for company name change itself was to increase our interest and reach.

“Gin production in isolation is not highly profitable; and there’s so many similar companies sharing that same market.

"We decided to make more than just gin, and because of the uniqueness and beauty of our location, the experience on offer at our Cladach space is now looking to grow and evolve, to meet the needs and requests of our locals and tourist visitors.

“The visitors to our site this year have all expressed their desire for interesting ‘experiences’….. so we are now driven towards creating more of a ‘lifestyle’ brand that offers a nice range of tour, tasting, retail, premium-snacks experience that all links in to our core activities and brand story.

“People are coming looking to spend money and get a full taste of the island. We are keen to cater to that need, while not ignoring local people who are enthusiastic about new businesses and new opportunities for jobs and leisure.

“There are two sides to our business - the production side: making the drinks and the hospitality side: tours, tastings, retail merchandise, etc.

“We are keen to slowly expand our scope to enable more opportunities for growing the team and doing our part to enhance the local economy.

“This can be achieved by expanding both these areas.

"Our focus remains small-scale, quality, hand-picked, organic, relaxed and celebrating the natural resources and views of the island.”