A street in Saltcoats has finally reopened - months after "unrecorded coal minings" caused homes to collapse.

Eight properties on Sharphill Road had to be demolished after being left in a ‘dangerous state of repair’ following the incident on September 2.

Ten residents of 45-59 Sharphill Road were evacuated to safety in the early hours after the block of flats began to subside.

A ground investigation carried out by the Coal Authority concluded the government agency had to take full responsibility for the subsidence after "unrecorded coal minings" were deemed to be at fault.

The affected residents were entitled to receive the full cost price of their home. Those affected wree also able to claim  any expenses for disruption and damages accrued can be claimed by those affected.

Under the Coal Mining Subsidence Act 1991, the Coal Authority is responsible for resolving and remediating sites that have been impacted by historical mine workings.

The Coal Authority will now work to support families and individuals who have been directly impacted by the incident that caused their homes to sink into the ground in the early hours of September 26.

The road had been closed since the incident, but has now been stabilised.

However, additional work in the area will continue into 2022.

A spokesperson from the Coal Authority told the Herald: "Earlier this year we responded to reports of subsidence impacting 8 properties in Saltcoats, Ayrshire.

"Our teams have been working closely with those affected. Landscaping of the site has been completed ready for the stabilisation phase and the road has re-opened to traffic. Stabilisation and additional work will continue in the New Year.

"If you have any concerns about coal mining subsidence or hazards in your area, call our dedicated hazard line 24/7 on 0800 288 4242."