ARRAN is one stop closer to being completely digital after new gifting technology gets added to the already popular “ArranCard”.

The ArranCard works in the same way as other gift cards for specific businesses, but ArranCard can be used all over the island.

The island is one of the first places to introduce the technology, with the ArranCard now available as an e-card which can be sent to a recipient’s phone instantly as a text or email.

Sheila Gilmore, Executive Director of VisitArran said: “We have introduced the digital ArranCard to make shopping and experiencing Arran more accessible and appealing for a wide variety of customers, adapting to how they want to shop and pay both now and in the future.

“A 2021 Gift Card and Voucher Association report found that over 38 per cent of respondents converted to digital gift cards during the pandemic.

"In store gift card redemption declined from 69.6 per cent in 2019 to 54.7 per cent in 2020. 21.6 per cent spent their gift card using their mobile in 2020, up from 11.4 per cent in 2019.

"Almost 50 per cent of 18-34 year olds use digital wallets, it’s a trend that isn’t going away and it is time for Arran to adapt so our island can prosper.

“The ArranCard has already locked over £60,000 into our local economy, encouraging people to spend here in Arran rather than online or in other destinations.

"The introduction of the digital ArranCard takes that one step further, making it even easier for people to show their support for local businesses in a convenient way.

“We’re pleased to have our own digital gift card in place.

“Customers now have the choice between the physical ArranCard that they can wrap up and hand over in person or the digital ArranCard that they can send to family and friends instantly.”