ScotRail has announced plans to slash the opening times of ticket offices at railway stations across Ayrshire. 

They say the changes will will deliver improvements for people travelling, and better meet the needs of rail users.

A full list of the Ayrshire stations affected is at the bottom of this article.

The firm says that there has been a 50 per cent drop in the use of ticket offices over the past ten years, with the pandemic quickening that pace of change.

In response, they are seeking to reduce the number of staff in ticket offices. 

However, they say that no staff will be made redundant. All workers affected by the proposed timetables will be "redeployed to provide enhanced customer service on the frontline."

It is the first such review of ticket office opening hours since 1991.

Phil Campbell, head of customer operations at ScotRail, said: “There has been no real review of our ticket office opening hours for 30 years, and it is important we keep up with the changing habits of customers who no longer rely on purchasing tickets in that way.

“With more than a 50 per cent drop in the use of ticket offices, heightened by the pandemic, we want to do everything we can to make sure everyone has a hassle-free journey.

“Nobody in ScotRail will lose their jobs as a result of these changes, and it is important to note that rather being about cutting jobs, this is about adding value for our staff and customers.

“Over the coming weeks we’ll be talking to customers, staff, and stakeholders about the improvements they can expect to see and experience as they travel around Scotland’s Railway.”

ScotRail say the benefits of the changes would be that they would see less fare fraud and ticketless travel. They predict it will generate and protect more revenue.

A reduction in antisocial behaviour is also touted as a potential outcome, with the redeployed staff to "move around the network as a visible presence at stations and on trains during times when customers need it most."

They add that the changes would mean new family friendly working hours and part time shifts which have not been prevalent in the past.

And finally, the changes would decrease CO emission by around 102 tonnes each year from less heating and lighting, according to the company.

The proposed changes can be viewed here.

Ardrossan South Beach:

Current hours: Mon-Sat 0635-1815, Sun 0945-1910

Proposed Hours: Mon-Thur 0645-1215, Fri 0700-1715, Sat 0815-1630, Sun 1000-1400


Current hours: Mon-Sat 0530-2315, Sun 0840-2305

Proposed hours: Mon-Sat 0530-2030, Sun 0840-2000


Current hours: Mon-Sat 0635-1339, Sun 1110-1850

Proposed hours: Mon-Sat 0720-1230, Sun closed


Current hours: Mon-Sat 0610-2240, Sun 0905-1825

Proposed hours: Mon-Thurs 0610-1745, Fri 0610-1845, Sat 0700-1830, Sun 0910-1630


Current hours: Mon-Sat 0605-2330, Sun 0850-2330

Proposed hours: Mon-Sat 0640-2000, Sun 0850-1900

Prestwick Town: 

Current hours: Mon-Sat 0635-1750, Sun 0910-1650

Proposed hours: Mon-Thurs 0630-1345, Fri 0645-1715, Sat 0800-1630, Sun 0930-1415


Current hours: Mon-Sat 0623-1818, Sun 0940-1920

Proposed hours: Mon-Thurs 0645-1200, Fri 0730-1415, Sat 0815-1600, Sun 1015-1300


Current hours: Mon-Sat 0635-1750, Sun 1010-1750

Proposed hours: Mon-Thurs 0630-1315, Fri 0630-1530, Sat 0745-1530, Sun 1015-1400