NUCLEAR disarmament campaigners have voiced their objection to plans for a new fusion energy plant in Ardeer.

Ayrshire CND say they are firmly against the project - despite claims that, unlike the normal fission reactors, fusion power will produce little waste or radiation risks.

And they said North Ayrshire Council's plea for support for the proposed plant made no provision for those people who have concerns to state them.

One resident is so incensed she set up an online petition to give those who have an alternative viewpoint a voice.

Arthur West, of Ayrshire CND, said: “After years of worry about cracks in the nuclear reactors at Hunterston, it is very disappointing that North Ayrshire Council are supporting the development of another nuclear facility at Ardeer.

“The respected nuclear free local authorities organisation which includes Scottish councils such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and East Ayrshire are opposed to nuclear fusion, labelling it a distraction from the need to continue developing renewable energy sources.

“Ayrshire CND calls on North Ayrshire Council to give local people an accessible way to ask questions and raise concerns about the proposal.”

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