A KA Leisure personal trainer from Saltcoats took to our screens last week as they took part in Channel 4’s dating show Celebs Go Dating.

Zack Simpson, though not technically the celebrity himself, was one of three men who had their chance with former Married At First Sight Australia star Jessika Power.

Jessika, 30, rose to fame after causing quite a storm on the Australian version of the hit reality show.

The show involves people wedding, having never met previously, hence the name.

However, Jessika ditched her husband, to pursue a romance with a co-star’s partner.

Thankfully for Zack, his appearance on this show was not quite as extreme as that.

He was the first of three men who got to take the Aussie on a date, as she joined him somewhere he feels very comfortable - the gym.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: Zack got to show off his PT skills as the pair got to enjoy a date in the gymZack got to show off his PT skills as the pair got to enjoy a date in the gym

Although the three were in essence, competing against each other, Zack told the Herald: “The other two boys were nice guys as well, I was speaking away to them before the date when we first went in.”

He went on to tell us more about how this all came around.

Zack commented: “The appearance came about from them messaging me on Instagram asking if I’d be interested in going on the show .

“I was quite nervous to start with because there were people the other side of cameras watching us but I got used to it the more it went on.

“The date lasted about an hour in total but we had a laugh and just spoke the full time.”

These nerves were something Zack admitted to having while on the date, which prompted quite the response from Jessika.

In a VT after the date, she said: “Am I really so scary? I need a guy who’s going to be confident, not somebody who’s going to tip toe around, otherwise, babe, I’m going to eat you alive.”

That was not the only thing Zack said on the date which prompted an indifferent response from the reality TV star.

When asked if he was looking for a serious relationship, he responded: “Eh, I could be, just have to wait and see.

"If it happens it happens, there’s no point in going out looking for it.”

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: Jessika was clearly shocked at Zack’s admissionJessika was clearly shocked at Zack’s admission

Jessika was visibly shocked by this, with narrator Rob Beckett joking: “He does realise he’s on a date, right?”

It was not to be for Zack, who could not secure a second date, and he admitted: “I’ve got no regrets, it was a decent experience and I enjoyed it.”

As Jessika moved onto her other dates, she continued to be unimpressed, choosing not to ask either of Tim, an English body builder, or Northern Irish lad Sam on a second date.

The full episode is available online on all4 (Celebs Go Dating - series 10 episode 14).