Saltcoats' very own wrestling sensation is to fight for the ICW Zero-G championship this Sunday, February 20, at the company's 'Square Go' event.

The event will take place in Glasgow's SWG3 (with tickets still available here) and will see Dylan Gibson, known as Dylan Thorn, fight in his very first singles match at one of the ICW's biggest events.

It's been a rapid rise for the Saltcoats wrestler, who only began his journey in 2017, after attending the company's 'Fear and Loathing' event as a fan.

After discovering they were offering a training school, he told the Herald about the discussion he and his friends had.

He explained: “I said we should all go and sign up, and at the time everyone was like ‘aye, absolutely, we’ll go do it’ and now, I was the only one that did it.”

From there he started training at Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum, being coached by a list of Hall of Fame champions, such as BT Gunn, Jack Jester, Wolfgang, Lionheart, Stevie Boy, Liam Thomson, Jackie Polo, Kay Lee Ray.

“You couldn’t have picked a better team of people to learn from,” he said.

From there Dylan has went from strength to strength, competing in his first closed doors event (due to Covid-19) in October 2020, appearing on the WWE Network for the first time by December of the same year.

From there, he said: "It’s kind of been mental, as far as I know I was only brought in for the one taping and I impressed enough to get brought back and now I’ve got the Zero-G title match.

“I’m really looking forward to it in the sense that it’s going to be my first singles match, in one of the big shows for ICW.

“The square go’s one of the big, big shows of the year so I’m excited that I’ve got the chance to have a one-on-one match.”

It's something he feels can only bring even more opportunities his way.

Dylan commented: “I feel like no matter which way this match goes; it’s going to open doors someway.

“I’m part of the manifesto group in ICW, we’re doing a lot of good stuff just now, I think we’re one of the best acts on the show at the moment.

“It’s going to lead to bigger and better things, both for myself, and for the group as a whole.”

Making his rise even more impressive is the fact he balances all this with a Monday to Friday job.

He explained: “I was quite lucky to get a job with these hours to focus on the tapings at the weekends.”

Dylan had previously worked behind the bar at some local Saltcoats venues, meaning hours were never the same, and he was restricted at weekends.

Now he is preparing for the biggest fight of his life and we at the Herald wish him the best of luck come Sunday!