RESIDENTS in West Kilbride have voiced their safety concerns after planning permission was granted to accommodate the building of one new home - bringing wholesale changes with it.

The house is to be situated on the site south of the existing 45 Ardrossan Road, just off the main A78 road into the village.

The plans were approved by North Ayrshire Council providing eight different conditions were met, including major adjustments to the surrounding main road.

The proposed access drawing shows that the part of the A78 road directly in front of the property would have to be narrowed by nearly a metre.

The bus stop to the left of the entrance would also be moved approximately 30m further north, closer to the Seamill Hydro.

Though a spokesperson for West Kilbride Community Council said: “The concerns raised regarding the entrance egress to the A78, on the previous submission have now been addressed,” further objections raised show that not everyone shares this sentiment.

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One complaint read: “Movement of the bus stop closer to the Seamill Hydro poses an increased risk to traffic exiting the Seamill Hydro and for vehicles exiting Glenbryde Road.

“The current situation is already hazardous and the proposed development will exacerbate an already locally known choke point.

“Further to my understanding no site visit been carried out by Trunk Road Scotland to assess the plans. This should be carried out as a matter of course before these plans should be considered.”

While another raised issues with regards to not only safety, but the impact on the surrounding residents and heritage of the site - which is situated next to the old mill.

It read: “The proposed changes to the access from the A78 will introduce significant safety issues in terms of traffic movements given the reduced main trunk road width proposed at a four-way junction.

“The dwelling proposal will have a significant negative impact on the privacy and amenity of 45a.

“The dwelling size and design will also have a significant negative impact on the Mill and its surroundings and the development as a whole will impact negatively both in terms of safety and heritage loss.”