A PENSIONER accused of decades of targeted sexual assaults and abuse involving the same woman is set to stand trial next week.

Robert Falconer faces 12 charges of inappropriate behaviour towards the alleged victim spanning almost half a century.

The 73-year-old pleaded not guilty to all of the charges at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last Monday (March 21).

Falconer, listed in court papers as a resident of Fairhaven Square, Kilwinning, is said to have first used indecent or libidinous practices or behaviour towards the then 14-year-old girl on an occasion between July 1972 and July 1973 at a property in Birks Road, Renfrew.

The accused, 25 at the time, allegedly embraced the girl, touched her leg, inserted his hand under her clothes and tried to touch her private parts.

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He faces similar charges, at the same property and elsewhere, between 1972 and 1974, while he is also charged with sexually assaulting the young woman at a property in Tiree Place, Renfrew, between July 1975 and July 1976.

A further sexual assault is said to have occurred at a home in Hamilton Place, Kilwinning between July 1985 and July 1987 when Falconer allegedly seized hold of the woman, kissed her on the neck and touched her breasts.

That charge – some details of which are too graphic to print – adds the accused attempted to lift the woman from the floor and demanded sexual intercourse with her, with the intent to rape her.

The attack is said to have taken place while the alleged victim was recovering from surgery.

Between July 1986 and July 1989, Falconer is said to have indecently assaulted the woman at points in a car journey between Lugton and Renfrew.

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He is accused of locking her in the vehicle, detaining her against her will, sitting on her, repeatedly kissing her and struggling with her, again with intent to rape her.

Another sexual assault is said to have taken place at a public house in Kilwinning between January and December 1989, while similar attacks reportedly happened at the Masonic Hall in Renfrew in 1999 and at a hotel in Kilbirnie in 2014.

In 2010, at the Masonic Lodge in Kilwinning, Falconer is said to have conducted himself in a disorderly manner and made comments of a sexual nature to the woman at the funeral of her nephew.

Falconer also allegedly sexually assaulted the woman at the Lauriston Hotel, Ardrossan, on the day of her wedding in 2015.

Finally, in November 2019, the accused is said to have behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by making comments of an inappropriate and sexual nature to the woman at a point in a journey in Stevenston.

Trial was set for April.