Work is under way to capture the history of the rave scene in Ayrshire as a music producer seeks to revive club culture in the area by reminding residents of some of the biggest and best events to have taken place in the past.

Hayden Lilly, a 24-year-old music producer from Ayr, is looking for voices to feature in his new documentary which he hopes will rekindle people’s passion for raving in Ayrshire, saying that too many folk feel the need to head to Glasgow.

Hayden has been busy speaking to those who were involved in and experienced Ayrshire’s rave scene heyday back in the 1990s and early 2000s – when clubs such as Hanger 13 at Ayr Pavilion, the Metro in Saltcoats, and Earthquaker at Dalleagles Farm, New Cumnock, were entertaining partygoers into the early hours of the morning.

The film will feature a mix of archive footage as well as newly shot material from interviews and events.

The project has evolved from a series of interviews Hayden held with producers for a run of mix CDs called Habitat Ayrshire for which he spoke to those in the scene about legislation and its effects on the rave scene.

Hayden said: “The filming is a new venture, it’s a culmination of all the contacts I’ve made over the past few years bringing everyone together from the Ayrshire scene.

“I’m trying to make a wee piece on our history and reignite the scene here because Ayrshire’s pretty dead in terms of nightlife and to hear this sort of music.”

The documentary will be filmed by Close Contact TV, a platform for house, dance and techno music in Ayrshire.

He added: “We’ll be going around various locations from back in the day and showing what they are now. I think Ayrshire is perfect for that because we’ve got so many locations.

“My memory of the Ayr Pavilion is Pirate Pete’s, it always has been – but for somebody who is maybe 35-45 years old, they will have a completely different view of what that building used to be. 

“So it’s just to bring that to light and remind other DJs and producers that we have got a rich raving culture here and they don’t have to feel like they have to go outwith Ayrshire to hold events.”

Hayden ultimately wants to see more events in Ayrshire, with the eventual possibility of a festival.