THREE massive wind turbines - which could each reach a height of up to 150m - are being proposed for a site on the Ardeer peninsula.

An environmental impact assessment (EIA) scoping opinion request has been lodged with North Ayrshire Council for the potential development near Stevenston.

A report submitted with the application, by agents The Farm Energy Company, said the turbines will connect directly to “a large local employer to provide them with renewable energy to power their existing on site operations”.

The report added: “Electricity not utilised will be fed into the local electricity distribution network and/or potentially used at their other sites in the UK.”

While an exact site area has not yet been finalised, the proposed turbines would generate a maximum of 12.6MW of power and the construction period for the project is estimated to last around nine months.

The wind turbines would be operational for 25 years before being decommissioned, with the land then being “restored as close as possible to the original conditions”.

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