EASTER weekend is always a great time for most children, enjoying chocolate eggs and fun galore, though it certainly isn’t easy for all.

What many may forget about is that almost all common Easter treats contain ingredients which are amongst the most prominent allergens.

While this may pose a problem for a lot of parents, Cheryl Campbell looked to make sure kids who have to avoid these common, but potentially fatal ingredients, did not miss out on the fun.

She went around raising money, and gathering donations, to make sure everyone was catered for, delivering gifts from Ardrossan to Irvine – with the help of a special guest.

Cheryl said: “As a mother who struggled during special events/occasions for her child, it’s hard to watch so much happening and Lewis couldn’t be included.

“It’s difficult trying to take along safe treats and Easter egg hunts are all being rewarded with milk chocolate eggs which also not safe so he couldn’t take part.

“He is now four and noticing he can’t always do what other kids are taking part in.”

Cheryl says the introduction of Natasha’s Law has been a great help. It means viewing all ingredients on products is far easier, and is increasing people’s understanding of allergens in general.

Vegan options are also far more accessible now, though not all events take this into consideration, so her idea was born.

She continued: “The children and parents were so happy to have such a focus on their children that are often left out.

“My main focus was to create a Facebook page – allergy activities – and liaise with parents of children with allergies and ensure if they wanted a pack that everything was safe, and to have those children, including my own, enjoy something that for a change was all about them, and their safe treats.

“They wouldn’t have to wait while we check items and take things off them that they had been given.

“I would like to thank Aldi and Greggs in Saltcoats, Morrison’s in Stevenston, Tesco in Irvine and people in the community for donating and buying raffle tickets.

“We managed to deliver an Easter book, Easter cup filled with an Easter straw, scratch art egg, gingerbread men, bubbles, a vegan sausage roll and an Easter egg to each child.”

In total 15 packs were delivered to children across the area. Cheryl also hopes to continue this initiative for future events, with Christmas and Halloween next on the calendar.

Though she hopes that by also raising awareness, those organising children’s events will make sure to accommodate for all in their events, so parents can rest easy knowing their kids will be safe.