THE Three Towns Men’s Shed group have welcomed a funding boost courtesy of the National Lottery fund... and it was even more than expected.

After a review of their application, it was decided the group had undersold how much funding they would require, so were subsequently awarded more – totalling £8,000.

Based in Ardrossan’s Glasgow Street, the group are hoping this cash can help them continue with their current projects and expand even more in future.

Though much of their work involves skilled craftsmanship in terms of woodwork, they have also proved handy with a few projects passed on to them.

The latest piece they received was certainly an interesting one, an almost brand new tricycle which they will now be able to sell on to help further projects.

The group itself is one of 139 Men’s Shed groups in Scotland.

However, it is the only one in the Three Towns area.

The organisation looks to provide men who have finished with work due to retirement or redundancy a safe social space, and to help them avoid falling into bad habits as well as stopping them becoming isolated and depressed.

Upon a visit to the Shed, chairman of the group, Donald McLarty, told the Herald how the daughter of a group member thanked them for “giving her her dad back” after she saw his change in mood after attending the group.

Speaking to us previously, Donald had stated his hopes that their Glasgow Street base, which they moved into only six months ago, would encourage more men to join.

He said: “If men are not into sporting activities or they don’t have hobbies, it can be hard for them. They either go to the pub or the bookies or just sit in the house watching daytime telly.

“If they walk past our shop front here in Glasgow Street, it may encourage them to stop in and find out a bit about our group.”

The Three Town’s Men Shed at 11 Glasgow Street is open Tuesday to Friday 9.30am until 3pm and anyone interested is always welcome to have a brows and pop in for a chat.

The group are always keen for new members and “the possibilities are endless and dictated by the wishes of the members”.