VOTERS in North Ayrshire now know exactly who will be competing to represent their community in the upcoming council elections.

North Ayrshire Council released a full list of candidates today, March 30, after nominations closed at 4pm.

Below is a full list of people standing in each ward, and which party they are representing come election day on May 5. The number in brackets is the number of councillors voted in from each area.

North Coast (5)

Eleanor Collier (SNP) Alan Hill (SNP) Todd Ferguson (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Tom Marshall (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) James McDaid (Socialist Labour Party) Valerie Reid (Scottish Labour Party) Jane Fraser (Alba Party for independence) Nick Hobson (Independence for Scotland Party) Wendy Low-Thomson (Independent) Margaret McLellan (Scottish Liberal Democrats) Ian Murdoch (Independent) David John Nairn (Scottish Green Party)

Garnock Valley (5)

Robert Barr (Independent) John Willis (Independent) Donald L Reid (Independent) John Bell (Scottish Labour Party) James Robson (Scottish Labour Party) Anthea Dickson (SNP) Margaret Johnson (SNP) Ted Nevill (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Ronnie Stalker (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Catherine Williamson (Scottish Liberal Democrats) Carol Ann Dobson (Freedom Alliance. Truth, Equality and Health)

Ardrossan (3)

Stephen McQuistin (Scottish Liberal Democrats) Tony Gurney (SNP) Jim McHarg (SNP) Amanda Kerr (Scottish Labour Party) Stewart Ferguson (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) John Hunter (Independent) Matthew Lynch (Scottish Family Party: Pro-Family, ProMarriage, Pro-Life)

Arran (1)

Timothy Billings (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Steve Garraway (SNP) Aaran McDonald (Scottish Labour Party) Ronna Park (Scottish Green Party) Ellen McMaster (Independent) Tom Young (Independent)

Saltcoats and Stevenston (5)

Jean McClung (SNP) Davina McTiernan (SNP) Jim Montgomerie (Scottish Labour Party) John Sweeney (Scottish Labour Party) Cameron Inglis (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) David Higgins (Independence for Scotland Party) Ronnie McNicol (Independent) Jimmy Miller (Independent)

Kilwinning (4)

Joe Cullinane (Labour and Co-operative Party) Donald Reid (Labour and Co-operative Party) Scott Davidson (SNP) Sheila Gibson (SNP) John Glover (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Ruby Kirkwood (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Irvine West (4)

Scott Gallacher (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Shaun Macaulay (SNP) Chloe Robertson (SNP) Sylvia Mallinson (Scottish Labour Party) Louise McPhater (Scottish Labour Party) Bobby Cochrane (Socialist Labour Party) Kevin T Blades (Independent) Tristan Lindsay (Independent) Lewis Dominic Hutton (Scottish Liberal Democrats) Colin Turbett (Scottish Socialist Party End Fuel Poverty)

Irvine East (3)

Ross Collins (Scottish Green Party) Marie Burns (SNP) Susan Johnson (SNP) Karin Craig (Scottish Family Party: Pro-Family, ProMarriage, Pro-Life) Barry Keith Jackson (Scottish Liberal Democrats) Nairn McDonald (Labour and Co-operative Party) Angela Stephen (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

Irvine South (3)

Joseph Hopkins (SNP) Christina Larsen (SNP) Robert John Craig (Scottish Family Party: Pro-Family, ProMarriage, Pro-Life) Robert Foster (Scottish Labour Party) David O'Neill (Scottish Labour Party) Matthew Grainger (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) Ian Kerr (Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

When residents go to the polling station in May, a Single Transferable Voting (STV) system will be in place.

This means voters number the candidates in the order of their preference. For example they would put the number 1 in the box next to the name of the candidate who is their first choice, 2 in the box next to their second choice, 3 in the box next to their third choice and so on.

There is no limit on the number of preferences a voter can have, meaning they may decide to only select a first choice, but equally could also rank every candidate.

Those wishing to vote in the upcoming elections who aren't already registered must register their intention to do so here before April 18.